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The ‘Time Please’ Volunteer Experience

The ‘Time Please’ Volunteer Experience

Last July 27, we joined Nuffnang Philippines and Time Please for a volunteering activity to help the Aeta community of Rodriguez, Rizal. The activity was a simple call for school supplies to be donated to students in the community, anything we were able and willing to give.

This activity was made in collaboration with Aral Pinoy who would frequent the Aeta community to offer any kind of help. The organization teamed up with Globe and Disney’s recent project called Time Please to be able to tap groups like Nuffnang and willing individuals to take action on current issues.

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For this one, we were tasked to gather any number of school supplies, a shoebox, and some art materials for decoration. Each box would be filled with supplies (notebooks, rulers, erasers, etc.) then wrapped like a gift – the “Wonder Box”. This box will be picked up by representatives of Time Please and Aral Pinoy, then given to one kid from the community. The more boxes made, the more kids you get to help!

Each person was tasked to do just one Wonder Box but some went the extra mile to do two or three. I think we made a little over 30 in total.

Since Nuffnang Philippines has always been in support of education in the country, they made it a point to make their very first ‘Nuffie Day’ a volunteer activity with Time Please and Aral Pinoy. The event was set to start at 2:00 p.m. when packing of supplies would be done but we opted to join them early on from around 10:00 a.m. to help buy new school supplies for the kids.

You can bring your own supplies too. They actually encourage the volunteers to bring unused notebooks and other materials lying around your house or office. If you don’t have those, it’s fine to buy too! So that’s what we did – we went around the department store to get school supplies for the kids we know were good quality.

One of the accounts executives from Nuffnang even took time to check every single pencil in the pack of three to make sure everything’s good to go! We bought notebooks, rulers, sharpeners, erasers, and pencils among many others.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be hard. This activity with Time Please, Globe, and Aral Pinoy proved that being a volunteer can be as easy as having a shoebox and some school supplies lying around at home.

Ready to volunteer and get a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Hong Kong Disneyland? Register on Time Please here.

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