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Top 10 Debut Themes and Motifs for 2017

Top 10 Debut Themes and Motifs for 2017

We’re on the last three months of the year but that doesn’t mean your debut theme will show all the dead trends and color motifs. Don’t worry, we’ve got the latest and most sought after debut themes and motifs for 2017 (at least in our honest opinion).

Just a little disclaimer that most of the photos below are samples from weddings! We think wedding set-ups are really nice with elaborate mood boards people can take inspiration from, especially if we’re just talking about color motifs. Enjoy!

1. Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink is timeless. And when done right, people won’t even say you’re trying hard to make everything that particular shade pink. The elegant pastel hue is still a great accent color for simple and sweet debuts and celebrations.

Tulle & Chantilly

2. Gold and Pink

Feeling like millennial pink alone is too simple for a debut theme? Pair it with cream and gold for an elegant 18th birthday color motif that’s great any day of the year.

3. Rose Gold Color Motif

But you know, rose gold and copper tones are good on their own too.


4. Lilac Grey and Pink

Lilac toned grey has been a fan favorite since the start of the year. Pair it with a peach pink and the muted tones blend well together giving off that soft serene vibe.

Stylish Wedd

5. Fall Pantone 2016

Don’t stick with just the 2016 Pantone colors. Add pops of color like magenta and burgundy to instantly transform the 2016 color motif into something never-before-seen.

Tulle & Chantilly

6. Polaroid Party

Here’s something we haven’t encountered before. If you have the resources, then this polaroid party will make a great experience for your guests expecting something new. This polaroid party theme uses a bunch of instax cameras and films but if that’s too much, you can always take inspiration from this by creating a photo booth theme instead!

Deer Pearl Flowers

7. Around the World

This one’s so cute! Each table has a miniature of a country’s famous landmark. I would opt for a Philippines-themed one though, a centrepiece inspired by some of the provinces instead to make it unique and even informative for the guests.

My Metro Photo

8. Pajama Party

Debut parties don’t have to be too big. Maybe keep the party intimate with only a few friends and family members in a pajama movie-night themed 18th birthday with eye masks and lip gloss as giveaways!

Style Me Pretty

9. Cherry Blossom

Plan a nighttime debut around this cherry blossom inspired theme with floating candles and a whole lot of fairy lights.


10. Elegant Tea Party

Tea party themed debuts are simple and clean, and can even be al fresco if you’re confident with the weather conditions. Play around with pastel shades, natural elements, and hints of gold for this one.

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