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Trending: #AskIskoEXO, Kuya Baekhyun, Kuya Junmyeon, and More!

Trending: #AskIskoEXO, Kuya Baekhyun, Kuya Junmyeon, and More!

So last night, after binge watching Korean dramas and probably making a Twitter account dedicated solely to Korean dramas (cough @thatkdrama cough), I decided to follow this trending hashtag on Twitter called #AskIskoEXO. At first, I thought I was reading it wrong because I knew ‘isko’ was a Tagalog world and why in the world of K-Pop would EXO start a Tagalog hashtag, right? Well, the internet has yet again proven that I am in fact a K-Pop noob.

Same, M. Same.

Twitter is a funny place. It’s a land of AU’s and non-fictional people placed in fictional settings. But that’s okay, it’s all for the fun anyway. #AskIskoEXO is a Twitter AU where your favorite EXO members go by the term of endearment “Kuya”, go to famous universities in the Philippines, and are asked random questions by the Twitterverse. I mean, when else will you be able to be as close as this to your EXO oppas?

This trending #AskIskoEXO hashtag isn’t just a hashtag though. This comes with your EXO members’ kuya accounts such as Kuya Junmyeon, Kuya Baekhyun, and Kuya Kyungsoo. They also reply to your queries quite fast too!

The hashtag has only been in use for a little over 24 hours yet these parody accounts already have more than 4k followers. Apparently, after a little research (or stalking), the Kuya EXO accounts have been active on Twitter since June 2016. Perhaps it was just a matter of reviving this trend since the year’s almost over.

Here’s a list of Kuya EXO parody accounts using the #AskIskoEXO hashtag:

Suho: @kuya_junmyeon

Chanyeol: @kuya_chanyeol

Chen: @kuyajongdaekim

D.O.: @kuya_kyungsoo

Kai: @kuyajonginkim

Baekyun: @kuya_baekhyun

Xiumin: @kuyaminseok

Lay: @kuya_yx

Sehun: @kuya_sehun

Luhan: @kuyahan

Tao: @kuya_tao

Kris: @galaxyge_00

And I know this because I stalked every single one of them and who they were following. Effort! Interestingly, and in character, they were also following accredited UP Diliman organizations such as the Philippine Collegian (@phkule), the UP Diliman Architecture Student Council (@UPD_ASC), and the UP Streetdance Club (@upsdc).

Other accounts in the #AskIskoEXO AU include Krystal Jung of (fx) (@ate_krystal), and Jeonghan Yoon of Seventeen (@kuya_jeonghan) who studies in Ateneo. Jeonghan even follows the current Ateneo de Manila University President, Fr. Jett Villarin (@FrJett) and Blue Eagles player Anton Asistio (@_antonasistio). Why this is an amusing piece of information, I will never be able to explain to anyone.

The international fans are shookt.

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