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5 Bouquets That Aren’t Flowers

5 Bouquets That Aren’t Flowers

Surprise your loved one with bouquets that aren’t like your ordinary ones! This is for every person who has ever said they don’t like flowers because they’re just for decoration.

Well, now you can eat ’em.

Bacon Roses

Just do it.

Cupcake Roses

We’re never going to get over cupcakes that look exactly like roses and succulents. Head over to your favorite pastry shop to see if they’re up to do these over-the-top cupcakes. But if you’re confident with your skills, feel free to bake and frost your own ones!

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Gorgeous Cupcake Bouquet 💐

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Fruit Bouquet

If your significant other has been going on and on about not giving him or her chocolates for Valentine’s Day because of all the calories, then give a fruit bouquet instead. Thankfully, we have Fruiquet here in the Philippines, the first fruit bouquet maker in the country! They’ll be glad to customize your bouquet but if you’re in a rush, you could always purchase one of their already-made ones.

Ice Cream Bouquet

Back in college, I received a surprise Nestle Drumstick Duo bouquet that really made my day. It came with 9 drumsticks all wrapped in simple colored Japanese paper with a ribbon to tie it all up.

For this Valentine’s Day, give your partner a sweet surprise by making your own ice cream drumstick bouquet. It’s really easy, you’re just going to gather some ice cream and tie them nicely!

Blogger Sumi Go had the same experience years back and hers came with a couple shirt!

Pinwheel Bouquet

Here’s bouquet that will never wilt or expire. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day a little more special by giving a handmade bouquet of pinwheels! It’s unique, it’s fun, and it’ll make a great decoration for the house.

IMAGE Pinterest / I Try DIY

Bonus: Flowers na Pamatay

Saint Jo Flowers brings back their bestselling flowers bouquets for the person who always leaves you breathless. Sure they look like the ones outside a funeral chapel but that’s not the point. These witty flower arrangements even come with a (rather deadly) pun of your choice.

So make a mark this Valentine’s Day 2018 and give your significant other the bouquet they’ve been dying to have.

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