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WATCH: The Incredibles 2 Gets Its First Trailer

WATCH: The Incredibles 2 Gets Its First Trailer

The Incredibles 2 gets a new trailer and it seems like everyone’s excited about what Baby Jack-Jack can do.

Now, he can teleport.

The Incredibles 2 has been constantly releasing sneak-peek posters since the start of the year. It’s only now that they’ve released an official full trailer for public viewing, first shown during NBC’s coverage of the Olympics yesterday, February 14.

The trailer shows Mr. Incredible as a stay-at-home dad, helping Dash with his Math homework and reading bedtime stories to his youngest, Jack-Jack. Elastigirl, on the other hand, helps fight crime and saves the world from disastrous villains.

People have been waiting for an Incredible comeback after it was revealed towards the end of the first movie that Jack-Jack was, in fact, a super. Released way back in 2004, the sequel was 14 years in the making, and is finally going to hit theaters this July 15, 2018.

Watch the Incredibles 2 trailer here:

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