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WATCH: Jonghyun Shinin’ MV and ‘Poet | Artist’ Full Album

WATCH: Jonghyun Shinin’ MV and ‘Poet | Artist’ Full Album

You did well, Jonghyun.

Jonghyun’s passing broke the hearts of millions. But even after his death, he continues to inspire his fans all over the world. Just last Monday January 22, Jonghyun’s last album ‘Poet | Artist’ was released along with the music video of his song Shinin’.

Shinin’ is an upbeat almost lighthearted kind of song just shy of 3 minutes. It plays around with neon lights and retro-style elements. Jonghyun’s Shinin’ is the first of 11 tracks in his ‘Poet | Artist’ full album.

Watch Jonghyun’s Shinin’ MV and listen to his full album ‘Poet | Artist’ below:

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