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‘What’s Your Ulam Pare?’ And Other Facebook Groups You Should Join

‘What’s Your Ulam Pare?’ And Other Facebook Groups You Should Join

What’s Your Ulam Pare? became a popular Facebook group after people noticed how funny food could actually be. Random Facebook users, even Ai Ai delas Alas herself, would regularly post the food they’re currently eating and caption it with the newest Filipino slangs of the year.

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Many Facebook users followed suit and created their own Facebook groups dedicated to either food or animals. You know, those things the whole population of the Philippines would be suckers for.

Here are five other Filipino Facebook groups you should totally join while you’re out there procrastinating:

Who’s your pupper, senpai?

Who’s your pupper, senpai? was created as a sort of appreciation group for pets and other cute animal related memes and videos. Users would post photos of their pet dogs (because pupper and not catto) and have over 59,000 other group members react and comment on how funny or cute the post was. Our personal faves are sleeping puppies and the occasional derpy Husky.


Despite Catspotting having a lot of rules like that rule against posting a photo of your own cat, it’s still a pretty fun Facebook group for Filipinos because we sure do have a ton of stray cats around. Catspotting is literally that – you spot cats on the street and post them on Facebook. They even have specific terms they use like “vocal cat” for cats who just love to meow at everything and everyone, and how many “pats” were given to the spotted catto.


Similar to Catspotting, Dogspotting doesn’t allow you to post photos of your own pets. But that’s what Who’s your pupper, senpai? is for anyway. Dogspotting, on the other hand, is a community of people posting dogs they see on their way. Breeds names have totally been forgotten, but that’s fine because Samoyeds look like clouds anyway. And besides, What’s Your Ulam, Pare? even has its own language!

Dogspotting on Facebook / Tim Huang

Let’s Eat Pare®

A more wholesome, community-driven Facebook group for food is Let’s Eat Pare®. And while people simply post what they eat, the group admin believes that this group is a great identification of Filipino food culture. Phrases like “Kain na! (to invite them to eat)” or “Kain na po tayo! (Let’s eat!)” are very present in the Filipino society so there was a need to create a Facebook group dedicated to a community that firmly appreciates and shares such culture.

Let’s Eat Pare® on Facebook / Mark Tanseco del Rosario

Mama’s Guide Recipes

This is a fairly new one for me. Mama’s Guide Recipes is a Facebook group for a community of homecooks. Many simple recipes and cooking help are given for the benefit of anyone thinking of trying a new baking technique or maybe a new way to amp up a common dish. It’s a great place for food inspiration. After drooling over the food at What’s Your Ulam, Pare? you can head over to the Mama’s Guide Recipes Facebook group to look for recipes!

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