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Why You Should NOT Go on a Diet This 2018

Why You Should NOT Go on a Diet This 2018

It’s 2018 and it’s time for you to reach your fitness goals. And for you to do this, you have to quit that browser and stop searching ‘most popular diets for 2018’ on Google once and for all.

Walang forever

Sure, we’ve all heard about that Ketogenic Diet everyone’s on right now. We know it’ll get you two to three sizes down while eating your favorite crispy pata and sisig. But what we’re not aware of – or rather trying to avoid – is that all diets like this are quick fixes.

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CNN discusses a lot about this on their ‘non-diet’ diet article. The thing about diets is that most of them come with expiration dates. Diets nowadays claim you can lose a certain amount of weight in 5 to 10 days. But that’s just it – it ends after you lose weight.

No matter how ‘safe’ a diet claims to be, a specific meal plan that involves 2 fruits a day with minimal carbs won’t really be able to sustain you for the rest of the month, let alone the rest of your life. And while it may for some reason work for you, you also won’t be able to eat your own favorite food items which may then cause you to, as dietitian Brook Alpert for CNN puts it, ‘create an unhealthy relationship with food‘.

Avoiding certain types of food because you’re so invested in a quick fix is not a sustainable way to feed yourself. Nutrition and health always come first on any fitness journey.

Food is fuel

After trying a good amount of fad diets early last year for the purpose of losing weight, I learned one very important thing – food is fuel. And while I’m not a registered dietitian or nutritionist myself, I did learn the hard way that your body needs your carbs, proteins, and fats all parts of a nice balanced diet.

I literally googled ‘does your body need fats’ and, of course, it does. Your body needs a bunch of sources of energy for specific parts of the body to function properly. To save you from all the discussion on good fat and bad fat and all the chemistry and biology that goes around all those, the main point really is for you to have a well-balanced diet with all the sources of energy your body needs in accordance with your lifestyle.

The ketogenic diet will cause you to lose weight, and that’s fine. But if your intention is to be healthy and stay that way, you have to maintain a well-balanced diet. Besides, skipping one essential food group can compromise your body’s overall energy.

But *this actor* does this diet and he/she’s looking great!

Off the bat, there are two things that contribute to your fave celebrity looking like that: one, that diet might work on their body because we’re all different and two, some train for aesthetics. Training for health is a lot different against training for the looks.

Most of the athletes I personally know would tell me that 6-pack abs are the result of dehydration. Plus, weeks before their bodybuilding contest, they would binge on protein-packed food. Training for the looks requires a diet and workout plan with an expiry date. Unless, of course, their specific needs say otherwise.

Athletes, on the other hand, need a diet that is high on calories because of the high physical energy required of them every day. Ketogenic diet works and doesn’t work because it’s specifically designed to treat epilepsy. So always choose a diet that is specific for your own needs and lifestyle.

What now?

We associate the word diet with fad diets and those quick fixes celebrities swear by every single day. However, diet simply just means the set of food you eat on a daily basis. So yes, go on a diet, but on a well-balanced one. When in doubt, consult a registered dietitian or nutritionist.

Eat the healthy foods that you like eating and don’t eat the ones you’re 101% sure you’re going to spit out. Read a bunch of valid resources online that will help you with your fitness goals. And don’t forget to maintain an active lifestyle!

Make eating healthy and clean a lifestyle. Lose it, maintain it, and stay consistent.

Good luck on your fitness journey!

Thank you to our friend Kaye Balazuela from the Department of Health for providing the scientific facts stated in this article!

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  1. cv

    Well, it depends how you see doing keto is, either a “diet” or a WOE. People’s blood sugar levels are going down, and triglycerides are normalising. We eat carbs, but splurge it on really quality ones, like vegetables (and some fruits), and nuts. Fat is your friend. Sugar is the enemy.


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