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This Milk Tea Place in BGC Has One of the Softest, Tastiest Brown Sugar Pearls

This Milk Tea Place in BGC Has One of the Softest, Tastiest Brown Sugar Pearls

Yi Fang Tea Philippines is a fruit tea place. Their recipes all hail from the one supreme fruit tea made by a humble Taiwanese couple who relied on pineapples for a living. Chen Jian (nicknamed Yi Fang) decided to make preserved pineapple jelly sauce and mix them with water or tea to create a refreshing drink for her husband who was working under the sun all day.

The same fruit tea recipe is served in every Yi Fang branch in Taiwan. Soon after, the tea shop would open in other countries like China, the United Kingdom, and in 2017, here in the Philippines. Yi Fang doesn’t only serve fruit tea. It is also home to a certain kind of milk tea with the softest, tastiest brown sugar pearls. All fruits used in the Yi Fang teas do not have any kind of chemical preservatives in them whatsoever.

Yi Fang also serves various milk tea and fruit tea blends you won’t find anywhere else. Some of their bestsellers include the Multi-Floral Honey Mountain Tea (Php 110), the Sugarcane Mountain Tea (Php 115), and the Aiyu Mesona Tea (Php 125), a Yi Fang limited edition tea that’s only available in the Philippines. Aiyu and mesona are both vegetable-based jellies very similar to grass jelly and our favorite gulaman.

But for this taste test, we decided to order two of their most popular drinks – the Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea (Php 120) and the Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte (Php 120). They just opened a new branch in Bonifacio Global City so both of these drinks were discounted for some time.

Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea

The Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea is made with Yi Fang’s original pineapple jelly sauce recipe, mountain tea, passionfruit, and topped with pineapple and orange slices.

The drink instantly gives off a spice-like taste because of the Mountain tea base, a caffeine-free tea known for its floral and earthy flavor. It’s indeed very refreshing and light because of the sweet pineapple jelly sauces and orange slices, making it the perfect drink for a hot humid day. It’s definitely a new flavor, more herby and fruity than sugary, very unlike the regular sweet fruit teas we have here in the Philippines.

Price: Php 120 (Medium), Php 140 (Large)

Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte

This drink has been at the top of our news feeds day in and day out. Yi Fang’s three-layer drink looks like taho but it’s very far from that. The top layer is freshly brewed tea, then a layer of milk follows. Its bottom layer is composed of black pearls cooked in brown sugar. Well, I have to admit the pearls do taste like arnibal.

Yi Fang Tea is the only brand in Manila that offers a tea latte drink with brown sugar pearls. These pearls are incredibly soft and flavorful and for sure not just some chewy jelly you find in your milk tea drink. They bring so much flavor to the drink so it’s just right it fills up half of your cup.

The Yi Fang Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte is a favorite among customers because it’s sweet, creamy, yet surprisingly well-balanced for a dessert drink.

Price: Php 120 (Medium), Php 140 (Large)

Yi Fang Tea Philippines Menu and Branches

Yi Fang opened its first branch in the Philippines last 2017. It currently has three branches in the country: 3/F Ayala Malls The 30th, M. Paterno, San Juan, and at Bonifacio Global City High Street.

For more information, you may visit their website or find them on Facebook.

As of July 2018, the Yi Fang Tea Philippines Menu is as follows:


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